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Madurai is located on the banks of river Vaigai. This ancient city is about 2600 years old. This city is referred to as the Athens of the East. This is the place where the tradition of the Tamilians got its emergence and grew popular. The Tamil literature flourished due to the kings, nobles and poets who dwelled in this part of the ancient Tamilnadu. The three Tamil Sangams evolved and flourished here. According to mythologies and history, this is the oldest city of Tamil Nadu. Ramayana and Arthasasthra the great epics had something to do with Madurai.

madurai01 The rulers who ruled Madurai were none other than the great, brave, knowledgeable Pandya kings. They were the old patrons of the Tamil language, its art and great constructions. They ruled the place for a very long time. After them, succeeded the Cholas, the Vijayanagar kings, and the Nayaks. Madurai had trade links with Rome and Greece and was the major trade center in the early periods. Great travelers and traders like Megasthenes, Pliny and Ptolemy visited this glorious city. Even Marco Polo and Ibn Batuta also visited this place. 

madurai02Madurai is special due to vast growth and the sweet smelling, fragrant jasmine flowers. Apart from this speciality it has flourished in leaps and bounds in textile and engineering industries. The city is well connected by air, rail, and road transport. Madurai is the headquarters of the district. There are four main bus stands namely Mattuthavani, Arappalayam, Periyar, and Anna bus stand. The city is known for its vastness, the age-old culture, the tradition, the famous temples, the Vaigai River and other tourist parts. The city is also known as temple city.