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Si Racha is not really a beach destination so much as a transit point on the way to Ko Si Chang. A busy fishing town, it does have a reputation for wonderful seafood restaurants. The town has given its name to the pungent fish sauce 'nam prik si racha' which is produced there and is popular throughout the kingdom.

si-racha 3Off the beach at the north end of town is Wat Ko Loi, an ostentatious Sino-Thai temple built on a rocky island which is connected to the mainland by a 1.5 km long causeway. In addition to images of the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Buddha's footprint it has a lifelike wax statue of a monk who was known for his healing powers and spent many years on the small island before mysteriously disappearing in 1959, reportedly with all the donations.

si-racha 1 At the Si Racha Tiger Farm, eight km east of town, you can hold a baby tiger in your arms, or have your picture taken with a tame crododile. The Zoo covers more than 40 hectares and teems with wildlife, including more than 100,000 crocodiles and one of the world's largest groups of Bengal tigers, more than 130 of them. Circus shows include pig racing, ostrich racing, and female performers who wrestle with crocodiles or cover themselves with scorpions. Try the crocodile satay or crocodile soup at the restaurant. Open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

si-racha 2Koh Si Chang is an island but do not expect it to be like Koh Samet or Koh Chang. The island is full of memories. Just only few days there I can smell the old days of the place. The temple up on mountain, the old palace with a long history, the garden nearby the beach and the most beautiful view point at Chong Khao Khad. The island is for relaxing time, very laid back atmosphere.

Travel to Koh Si Chang you have to take ferry from Koh Loi pier in Si Racha. Si Racha is only 1-2 hours from Bangkok. The ferry take around 45 mins to island.